Interviews this weekend

I’m on my way to Bournemouth for my interview at AUCB or AUB as its now called.

I have been up until the early ours every night this week trying to put together a showreel of work and am now exhausted! A note to anyone who has to take a showreel to their interview don’t leave burning it to CD until the last minute as its a nightmare, I have burnt 3 different formats after hours looking online at tutorials for iDVD and encoder. Lets hope one of them works.

Just as a word of advice if the last week had taught me anything, don’t leave things last minute. On the train Interesting I have read an interesting article by Mark Cousins in march’a sight and sound about his experience with editing. He has recently become the talk of the film industry due to his success with ‘the story of film an odyssey’ which I would recommend to anyone who thinks they know the history of film. In the article he talks about his current experience editing, he has scrapped his usual timeline on the walls of his edit suite and replaced it with a painting. To me the link between film and artwork has been fuzzy but he talks about how it’s important when telling a story to know whether your trying to paint a portrait for the audience or ‘spin a yarn’. This clear distinction between a style of filming making seems to make the thought of writing, editing or creating and film much more clear. He goes onto discuss how within an on the road or ‘a spin of yarn’ directors such as Hitchcock will decide to paint a specific portrait of a particular moment that is key.

Anyway I found this very insightful and just wanted to share it with you/remind myself later down the line.



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