Out of date film taken on CANON A1

bruce jake balance bike briz deer Coffee truck Sarah phone briz pillar 3 briz pillar 2 Paddy coat tin tin jake hang 2 014_14 deer 2 briz pillar painter jake jump jake walk track Iga Iga Iona photo of photo paddy iona 3 iona 2 football Out of date film taken on CANON A1

A film taken over the last 2 weeks on my Canon A1. I used an out of date film giving an interesting effect.


2 thoughts on “Out of date film taken on CANON A1

  1. hi – recently i bought a “A1 Programm”. it’s about 30 years old. Photography at that time was an exiting matter… Here is, what they write in the instructions for the A1, page 33: “(…) Avoid hitting or pressing the shutter button suddenly particularly when using slow shutter speeds, otherwise blur may result (…) At the moment of shooting, you should hold your breath while the shutter button is being pressed.” Thanks for the post. How old was the film? Breathless, Michel

    1. A good tip that seems almost humorous, thanks for sharing.

      The film was 7 years out of date but seemed to give a nice effect. I really didn’t know what to expect but i am pleased with them.

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