BlackMagic Cinema Camera

BlackMagic Cinema Camera

I got my hands on the Black Magic Cinema camera today and had a chance to play around with the settings and features. The camera is nothing like anything i have used before, its pretty much a big tablet with an EF lens fitting.

Annoyingly the camera did not come with any lenses so i had to use some of my own primes. It is great that it fits all Canon EF lenses and i tried out my 24mm and 50mm.

A lot of people have been talking about the camera and the controls, before i used it i had heard that none of the setting were the same for example it didn’t work with F stops or ISO. This isnt true, the adjustable setting are limited but you do have control over both, just not as many options as a Canon DSLR. The only odd setting is it uses mirror angles rather than shutter speed for example 180′ was a 50th.

The quality of the camera was more than impressive, with the ability to shoot 2.5k Raw files it really feels cinematic. It has a more than impressive 13 stops of dynamic range and when comparing with other cameras in the same price range its far better handling light. (Canon 5Dmiii)

From what i picked up in an hour the obvious downsides to the camera are;
– Cannot delete or format through the camera and does not display how much room SSD cards have remaining
– Confusing battery life, had to be plugged into mains most of the time and unless you but an extra battery it has an internal battery
– Uses SSD cards costing about £300 for an hour of raw footage
– Very limited colour control with 5 options from 3200K – 7500K and when changing these settings you cannot view your image
– Its heavy, and cant be hand held without serious camera shake
– the £1600 price tag is misleading as the extras add up very quickly including external battery, chargers, SSD cards and the rest.
– frame rates limited from 24-30fps
– Does not take stills

Appart from that, its great fun and i would love to have one, it is clearly just designed strictly for cinema but does a very good job if thats all you want to shoot and nothing can compare of a similar price range.

Here is a good review i found on the BlackMagic and 5D iii


Let me know what you think?

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