Films to watch


7/10 – Life of Pi – I finally got round to watching Life of Pi in the cinema. Despite my hate of 3D Glasses i paid the extra as i had heard from friends that it was worth it. I must say i was mesmerised from start to finish.

Ang Lee has brought the bestseller to life, visually the film was stunning, im normally not a fan of such a CGI overload but it really works putting Peter Jacksons  ‘The Hobbit’ to shame. Pi tells a story that many describe will make an aspiring author ‘Believe in God’ As far as the storyline goes it kept me guessing and questioning each stunning encounter with creatures of sea.


8/10 ‘The D is silent’

Quentin Tarantino has done it again. He has blended the Italian Western style with his signature taste for brutal violence. Django unchained Is entertaining throughout, a mix of comedy, stunning cinematography and tarantino’s flair for graphic emotion has created yet another epic.
With award winning performances from Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Christoph Waltz and Kerry Washington don’t be surprised if this takes a more than a few academy awards!


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