Welcome to AFilmStudent,

I have created this page to share my findings with anyone who shares a similar interest in film. The page will feature;

  • My Blog – A general update on what i am doing at the moment.
  • Films to watch – Films i recently seen or have heard are worth watching. I will review in a summary what i think of the film.
  • Productions – This will include current projects, stills, ideas, and tools that you may find useful when making working on your own productions.
  • Research and Articles – This will range from articles i suggest reading and my own research.
  • Photography – a mix of my own photography and still from my footage and images that inspire me.
  • Tutorials – I find that following tutorials is the best way to learn so will share any useful tutorials i find.
  • Completed work – My work so far

Please leave a comment if you have anything to suggest i read, view or if you have any questions for me.


Let me know what you think?

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